Brain Damage – $6,000,000

$6 Million dollar settlement for brain injured client

Attorney Suzanne Skolnick achieved a $6,000,000 settlement with the County of Riverside for her 66 year-old client who sustained a catastrophic brain injury.  Ms. Skolnick’s litigation team included attorneys from the Temecula based law firm Trujillo & Trujillo as well as the Khashan Law Firm.  Read the full article as reported in the Press-Enterprise here.

Wrongful Death – $2,400,000.00

Wrongful Death - $2,400,000.00

$2,400,000 recovered. Skolnick Law Group in association with Khashan Law Firm and Trujillo & Trujillo obtained a $2,400,000 wrongful death settlement for the mother of a 36 year old schizophrenic man who died from injuries sustained while in custody at a county jail.

Auto Accident- $1,070,000.00

$1,070,000 recovered. Skolnick Law Group in association with Kohn Law Office obtained a $1,070,000 settlement for three young men who were passengers in a motor vehicle accident at an intersection in Del Mar, CA. The defendant made a left turn on a red arrow signal crossing directly into the path of the plaintiff’s vehicle. All three clients suffered major injuries including a fractured femur, a fractured pelvis, lumbar vertebral fractures, and concussion head injuries. The clients individually recovered $435,000.00, $315,000.00, and $320,000.00, which were paid by defendant’s insurer Amica Mutual Insurance.

Wrongful Death- $1,000,000.00

$1,000,000 Recovery for Wrongful Death of Brother

Skolnick Law Group in association with Kohn Law Office obtained a $1,000,000 settlement just weeks before trial for the brother of a 63-year-old disabled man who was struck and killed by defendant’s vehicle when the 89-year-old defendant driver lost control of his truck and drove onto the walkway hitting the man in his wheelchair outside the emergency room entrance at the new Palomar Hospital in Escondido, CA. This settlement was split as follows: $500,000 paid by underlying carrier USAA Insurance Co., $500,000 paid by the umbrella carrier, Scottsdale Insurance Co. This is believed to be the largest wrongful death recovery for a single sibling in San Diego County history.

Car Crash Injury – $520,000

Suzanne Skolnick wins $520,000 for car crash victim

Russell S. Kohn and Suzanne Skolnick Attorneys Kohn and Skolnick represented a 60-year-old man in an under insured motorist claim against Farmers. The plaintiff was injured in a 2010 rear-end collision that occurred while he on duty as a school district security officer. He sustained back, neck, and shoulder injuries and had undergone 4 ½ years of treatment, including neck and back epidural injections and 2 lumbar radio frequency ablation procedures by the time the matter reached arbitration. The claim against the under insured motorist settled for the $15,000 minimal policy limit. After the worker’s compensation case was resolved, the case was mediated unsuccessfully with Farmers offering only $30,000. The case then proceeded to arbitration before Judge Herbert Hoffman. Less than one week before the hearing, Farmers increased its offer to $175,000. Judge Hoffman determined damages in the amount of $681,606.20. After reduction for the worker’s compensation benefits and the third party recovery, Judge Hoffman’s net award totaled $520,000.

Trial Bar News August 2015


$314,000 – Neck Injury for victim involved in 2 collisions, multiple impacts

$314,000 Paid by 3 Insurance Companies each claiming the other is at fault

Skolnick Law Group in association with Kohn Law Office obtained a $314,000 settlement just weeks before trial of a young woman’s multi-vehicle, multiple impact collision.  The case included complex facts including claims of pre-existing neck injuries, multiple impacts caused by 2 drivers in one collision and a subsequent collision exacerbating the neck injury the young woman sustained in the first collision.  Rather than let the insurance companies point fingers at each other in order to avoid liability altogether, Suzanne Skolnick fought hard to ensure that each insurance company shared a portion of her client’s damages according to their proportionate fault.

$300,000 – Oceanside Car Crash with 4 Injured Victims

$300,000 recovered for 4 women injured in a collision

Suzanne Skolnick in association with Russell Kohn of the Kohn Law Office recovered the full $300,000 policy limit for 4 injured victims in an Oceanside car crash.  Several of the injured victims had Medi-Cal coverage that significantly reduced the medical expenses that could be claimed, however, Suzanne Skolnick was able to successfully argue the severity of each woman’s pain and suffering damages in order to force the insurance company to pay its full policy limit.


$300,000 – Car Crash

$300,000 Recovered for Car Crash Victim

Attorney Suzanne Skolnick recovered $300,000 for an elderly victim of a car crash with a neck injury requiring surgery.  The insurance carrier claimed all of the injuries sustained were degenerative due to the victim's age, but ultimately paid out the entire liability limit.

$250,000 Uninsured Motorist Settlement (Policy Limit)

$250,000 recovered for victim with pre-existing back injury

$250,000 was recovered on behalf of a 45 year old woman for a severe rear-end collision caused by an uninsured motorist.  Although the injured victim had a pre-existing back injury, Suzanne Skolnick of the Skolnick Law Group was able to persuasively argue that the victim’s pre-existing symptoms were exacerbated by the collision and would require a future back surgery.  The uninsured motorist insurance carrier agreed to pay their full policy limit.  In an interesting twist, Skolnick Law Group was only hired after the statute of limitations had already run on the claim, which would ordinarily mean that the injured victim would not be able to obtain any recovery.  However, after Skolnick Law Group investigated the facts, it was determined that the insurance company had failed to ever inform their insured about the statute of limitations, which they are required to do by law.  The insurance company’s attempt to trick their insured out of her uninsured motorist coverage backfired though and Skolnick Law Group was able to get the insurance company to pay the full $250,000 policy limit.

$250,000 – Head-On Collision with Foot Surgery

$250,000 Recovered for Victim of Head-On Collision with Foot Surgery

Attorney Suzanne Skolnick and her co-counsel, Russell Kohn, Esq., obtained $250,000 for the victim of a head-on collision who sustained foot and shoulder injuries requiring surgery.  The defense insurance company folded days before trial and agreed to pay their entire bodily injury policy limit.

$250,000 – Neck Injury

Attorney Suzanne Skolnick successfully obtained a policy limit settlement of $250,000 for her Oceanside client who sustained a neck injury in a car crash.  Due to the injuries the client sustained in the collision, she required a radiofrequency ablation procedure on her cervical spine.  Ms. Skolnick’s co-counsel on the case was Attorney Russell Kohn of the Kohn Law Office.

$225,000 – Crash Victim with Shoulder Surgery

$225,000 Recovered for Crash Victim with Shoulder Surgery

Attorney Suzanne Skolnick obtained $225,000 for her client who suffered a shoulder injury in a car crash which later required surgery.  The defense insurance company initially argued that the shoulder injury was unrelated to the crash, but ultimately conceded the crash caused the injury and agreed to settle

$175,000 Recovered for 82 Year Old Woman

$175,000 settlement after dog knocks down an elderly woman

Skolnick Law Group in association with Kohn Law Office obtained a $175,000 settlement with a homeowner’s insurance company after the homeowner’s dog escaped in the front yard and knocked an 82 year old woman to the ground injuring her hip.  The victim required a hip surgery.  The insurance company attempted to dispute causation by arguing that the victim’s hip was likely degenerating even before the incident occurred.  Ultimately, Suzanne Skolnick convinced the insurance company to settle for $175,000.


$100,000 Policy Limit Settlement for Motorcyclist

$100,000 recovered for a motorcyclist who the police officer stated was at fault for the collision

Suzanne Skolnick of the Skolnick Law Group recovered the full $100,000 policy limit for an injured motorcycle rider who the investigating officer at the scene of the collision placed at fault for the collision.  This case is an example of how Skolnick Law Group fights hard for clients, even in those cases that appear hopeless because a police officer pins fault on the injured victim.  Suzanne Skolnick also fought hard to reduce the health insurance company’s claim for reimbursement by negotiating a reduction in the reimbursement amount of over $110,000.

Appeal Win – Attorney Fees

Suzanne Skolnick wins appeal, gets attorneys’ fees in injury case paid by the Defendant

Wright Family, LLC dba Roadrunner Club (Roadrunner Club) is about a 200 acre manufactured home park consisting of home sites, a golf course, common areas and a large "greenbelt" common area lawn. Don Hemphill purchased a home at the park and leased the space under a written lease agreement with Roadrunner Club. Roadrunner Club is required to maintain the common area lawns, which are open to residents 24 hours per day, seven days a week. While on the lawn area near his home, Hemphill stepped into a sunken and uncovered drainage hole causing him to fall and suffer serious injuries.

Read the whole story:
Hemphill v. Wright published opinion


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