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Dog Bite Victims Injury Lawyer in Oceanside

Dog Bite Injury Attorney

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As breeds, pit bulls have an exaggerated reputation. The fact is, any dog — large or small, of whatever breed — may attack if it’s scared, defending its territory, or protecting its food or young. Some 4 to 5 million people in the US are bitten by a dog each year. Dog attacks are more serious than most people realize, so let’s start with some important tips.

  • If you’ve been bitten by a dog or were otherwise the victim of a dog attack, seek professional medical attention immediately. The risk of infection is high, and serious injuries may not be obvious to the eye.
  • Assume the worst. Don’t discuss the extent of your injuries or what legal actions you plan to take until your medical diagnosis is complete and (in all but the most minor injuries) you’ve spoken with a personal injury attorney.
  • In the meantime, have someone you trust collect contact information from the owner and any witnesses, and photograph the scene as well as your injuries before and after treatment.

You Pay Nothing Unless Compensation is Recovered!


In Oceanside it’s not necessary to prove negligence to receive compensation.  Any attack can be considered a failure to restrain or handle their dog properly.  Regardless of the circumstances, under the California dog bite statute, the dog owner can be held liable for injuries whether in a public place or lawfully on any type of private property – negligence need not be shown.  The only exceptions are if the dog bite victim was trespassing, providing a paid service for the dog (such as grooming or walking), or was intentionally provoking the dog.

Your Rights

Animal attack victims have the right to full and fair compensation for their injuries, although sometimes it takes a dog bite attorney to achieve that.

Dog bite injuries can be far more serious than most people think, and may have long-term consequences.  Even with small dogs there can be serious punctures, cuts, abrasions, and nerve damage.  With large breeds there can be broken bones and severe bleeding.  There’s always a big risk of infection, so even a small wound should be properly cleaned by a medical professional.

Medical bills can mount rapidly with emergency and reconstructive surgeries, ambulance fees, hospitalization for infection, physical therapy, and so on.  You should always be fully compensated for all of these medical expenses.  On a case-by-case basis after a dog bite injury you also deserve compensation for scarring or disfigurement, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, time missed from work, reduced earning potential, and occasionally, punitive damages.  These almost always require retaining a dog bite lawyer.

Protecting Those Rights

With much at stake, you need to take action.

  • Dog owners are legally required to promptly call Oceanside Animal Control so that the dog can be isolated and observed for rabies.  But you should also report the incident yourself as promptly as possible.
  • You’ll need clear evidence regarding the attack.  Make sure you’ve gotten contact information from witnesses, made notes (memories fade), and taken photos.  Keep records of all medical attention as well as other expenses including taxis, baby sitting, and so on.
  • Generally speaking, you have up to 2 years within which time you must file a lawsuit or lose your chance to recover completely, but the sooner the claim is reported to the involved insurance carrier, the better because the odds of achieving a settlement in your favor increase.

Compensation often comes from an insurance company through a homeowner’s or rental policy.  They’re a tough adversary, but don’t accept an initial low offer.  Instead, work with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help anticipate future costs and determine what fair compensation to you should be.  It may become necessary for your lawyer to also file a lawsuit to recover your damages if the insurance carrier is unwilling to accept liability or undervalues your damages.


Skolnick Law Group

Located conveniently near Oceanside, California we offer a free consultation on the nature and circumstances of your animal attack, your injuries and medical costs, and the strength of your case in order to help you decide the best way to proceed.  You’ll speak directly with a compassionate personal injury lawyer experienced in dog attack cases, not a paralegal.  We’re passionate about defending your rights and do not charge any fees unless you receive compensation for your injuries.

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With an annual average temperature of a near-perfect 70 degrees, USA Today ranked Oceanside’s  weather as the second in the nation and the fifth in the entire world (  Did you know that the Oceanside Pier was first built in 1888 but has been rebuilt 5 times since then (,_California)?  Skolnick Law Group is dedicated to championing the rights of members of our Oceanside community that have suffered injuries as a result of a dog bite incident.  Call Skolnick Law Group today for your initial free consultation!

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