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Pedestrians and bicyclists are among the most vulnerable individuals on the road today.  Both groups share common denominators that make them easy targets for accidents involving motor vehicles.  Pedestrians and bicyclists often lack visibility, they are small and light as compared to motor vehicles, and they often travel the same congested roadways.  Each year, nearly 5,000 pedestrians are killed in accidents involving motor vehicles and another 80,000 are injured.  Over 600 bicyclists fatalities are reported each year and another approximately 52,000 incur injury.

Due to the lesser protections afforded pedestrians and bicyclists, collisions with motor vehicles often lead to catastrophic results.  As such, pedestrian and bicycle accident victims require the representation of an experienced personal injury attorney who will fight for their maximum recovery.  At Skolnick Law Group, Attorney Skolnick understands the devastating impact of a bicycle or pedestrian accident and will passionately advocate for you to receive full and complete compensation.  Our attorney works with accident re-constructionists, doctors, traffic experts, vehicle experts and other professionals to help us mount the strongest personal injury or wrongful death case possible.

Pedestrian Accidents are on the Rise

For decades, pedestrian accidents had been on the decline.  However, starting in 2010, the number of pedestrians hurt or killed in accidents involving motor vehicles has risen drastically.  This increase comes at a time when overall traffic safety has improved and fatalities across most categories have decreased.

Pedestrian accidents and fatalities in California have hit an all time high.  Over 600 pedestrians are killed a year on California roadways and another 12,000 injured.  Pedestrians account for nearly 20% of all traffic fatalities in our state.

This disturbing rise in pedestrian accidents and fatalities has lead to examination by many safety experts as to the root of its cause.  Some suggested reasons for the increase in pedestrian accidents and fatalities include:

  1. Distracted driving—a study recently published by the journal of U.S. Public Health Service and the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General found that distracted driving is the main cause for the surging death toll among pedestrians.  The new study determined that police officers cited distracted drivers in about 18.6% of all accidents involving pedestrians.  In fact, one out of every 10 traffic fatalities due to distracted driving involved a pedestrian or bicyclist.  Distracted driving has reached new heights with the ever expanding mobile technology market, and pedestrians are the latest group to see a sharp rise in fatalities due to this harmful phenomenon.
  2. Distracted walking—distraction is a problem for walkers as well as drivers.  Pedestrians who walk distractedly, or without paying attention to the road in front of them, are in part a reason for the increase in pedestrian fatalities.  Hospital data reveals that over 1,500 pedestrians were treated in ER rooms nation-wide for cell phone related  injuries, including walking off bridges, into traffic, or falling all while texting or talking on the cell-phone.
  3. Use of Headphones—related to distracted walking, the use of headphones among pedestrians has sharply increased since the creation of the I-Pod and the myriad of similar devices.  These music players require headphones or ear buds, which have been streamlined to block out background noise and pipe the music to your ears.  The number of accidents involving headphone use has risen in the past six years, and the use of headphones is said to impede pedestrians from hearing traffic or vehicles around them.

Most Bicycle Accidents Can Be Traced to Motor Vehicle Driver Negligence

There are nearly 85 million bicycle riders across the U.S.  This mode of transportation has grown to a thriving industry; but, along with the increase in popularity, has been a rise in the number of accidents.  Over 90% of bicyclists killed on U.S. roadways die in crashes with motor vehicles.  Head injuries account for the majority of bicycle related deaths.  More than two thirds of bicycle related hospital admissions and nearly a third of ER visits are for bicycling injuries.

While some bicycle accidents are the result of irresponsible handling of bikes, most are traced to negligence on the part of the motor vehicle driver.  Some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents include:

  • Motor vehicles turning or merging into the path of the bicyclist, often because they fail to adequately check mirrors and hence do not see the approaching bicyclist.  Nearly half of all these crashes involve cars making left hand turns in front of the bicyclist.
  • Unsafe passing of bicyclists by motorists who fail to misjudge the space required to pass.
  • The failure of motor vehicle drivers to yield right-of-way at a junction.  Generally, this involves a motorist violating a sign or signal and entering the intersection or crosswalk, striking the oncoming bicyclist.
  • Motorists’ failure to see bicyclists ahead on the road.
  • Distracting driving on the part of the motorist.
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